Responsive Website Development Services

In addition to web & blog design services, Eminence Media also offers website development services.

Responsive Website Development Services

  • Custom WordPress Development
  • StudioPress Genesis Child Theme Development
  • HTML Coding
  • CSS Coding
  • PHP
  • E-Commerce Store Development

Web Development Process

  • Project Definition*
  • Develop the Website Structure/Information Architecture*
  • Create the Visual Design*
  • Build & Develop the Website
  • Quality Assurance & Website Launch
  • Ongoing Maintenance (Optional)

Services marked with an * are part of the web & blog design services offered and are not considered web development services. However, please note that I prefer to offer my clients a full custom solution to meet their needs and am happy to quote a complete web design & development project if that is what meets your needs.

Website Development Rates & Pricing

Eminence Media specializes in custom web development. As is the case when building a house, there are many different factors to be considered when pricing a custom web development project. When building a house many factors play a role in the cost of the house such as the square footage, overall design, fixtures chosen, and so on. Pricing web development projects is similar in that there are a number of different variables to consider when building a website to meet the specific needs of a unique business.

Eminence Media can tailor its website development services to meet your specific project needs whether your needs require just website development or a web design in addition to the website development services to get your website built and launched. To receive a complimentary project quote, please contact Eminence Media today!

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